HD 169142 in the eyes of ZIMPOL/SPHERE (Bertrang+2018)

G. H.-M. Bertrang, H. Avenhaus, S. Casassus, M. Montesinos, F. Kirchschlager, S. Perez, L. Cieza, S. Wolf

Context: We present new data of the protoplanetary disc surrounding the Herbig Ae/Be
star HD 169142 obtained in the very broad-band (VBB) with the Zurich imaging
polarimeter (ZIMPOL), a sub-system of the Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast
Exoplanet REsearch instrument (SPHERE) at the Very Large Telescope (VLT). Our
Polarimetric Differential Imaging (PDI) observations probe the disc as close as
0.03" (3.5au) to the star and are able to trace the disc out to ~1.08"
(~126au). We find an inner hole, a bright ring bearing substructures around
0.18" (21au), and an elliptically shaped gap stretching from 0.25" to 0.47"
(29-55au). Outside of 0.47", the surface brightness drops off, discontinued
only by a narrow annular brightness minimum at ~0.63"-0.74" (74-87au). These
observations confirm features found in less-well resolved data as well as
reveal yet undetected indications for planet-disc interactions, such as
small-scale structures, star-disk offsets, and potentially moving shadows.

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